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HIGH LIFTER: A Very Brief History

About 20 years ago High Lifters were invented in Mendocino County, California, to satisfy a need: how do I lift the water from my source, way down below, up to where I need it, at my house and garden?

We tried rams and found they wouldn't lift the high lifts, were a pain, made noise, and wouldn't work at all on low flows.

We didn't want a noisy, nasty, smelly gasoline pump that constantly needs gasoline and was going to wear out soon anyway.

Solar pumps need sunlight, wires, and expensive panels, are inefficient, and most won't lift the high lifts very well.

So what to do?

It is actually a question of physics. If you have a source above a place where you can put a pump, then you should be able to use the energy of this water to push some of it even higher than the source, shouldn't you?

It turns out that it is really a matter of design: how to achieve the very highest efficiency and longevity in a unit that is light-weight and easy to maintain.

After two years of inventing, experimenting, and testing, the first High Lifters were born.

Now, 20 years later, High Lifters are used by people around the world. People that use them are not only satisfied with them, but often passionate about them, and how they have changed their lives.

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