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How much water can I get with my
2" High Lifter water pump?


Typical domestic water application using tank for reservoir and for pressure to house.


High Lifter H44 and H49


Typical garden/irrigation application using both pumped water and discharged water.
(Tanks not necessary.)
Do a site survey

1. Determine the height of the tank above your source (net lift)=_____________ft.

2. Next determine the drop from the water source to the pump (fall)=____________ft.
(Typical methods to estimate LIFT or FALL are: topographical maps, a friend with a tape measure, a hand held sight level, an altimeter, or a tube and a water pressure gauge. 1 psi = 2.3')

3. Measure or estimate the flow at the source =_________gallons per minute. (Use a gallon container and a watch.)

4. Determine the amount of water required delivery =____________gallons per day.


Performance Chart for H44 and H49


To determine water delivery using chart:
  1. Find your net lift on the left hand side of the chart.
  2. Move horizontally until you cross the curve that is your fall.
  3. From this point move vertically down to determine your water delivery assuming there's adequate water at the source. Note: If you have less then the required amount of water at the source for maxium delivery you can still pump water up to the total lift but you simply get proportionally less water.


  • If you wish to lift water 600 feet above your source and you can get a 100 foot fall, the H49 will pump 465 gal./day, assuming you have 3 gpm at your source. [=465 gal. x 9 (pump ratio) / 1440(min. per day)]  Note:  if for instance you have 1 gpm at the source then you will lift 155 gallon per day. [=465 gal. / 3]


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